When my youngest child learned that her older siblings had been featured in dad’s recent blog post she was not upset at being left out, just curious as to why she was not included. You see, she reminded me, just two weeks ago she started at a brand new school because over the summer her mom, an experienced educator (and really good mom), took pains to describe to her that this new school would be a much better environment for her specific learning needs. To this my daughter had simply replied, “Yes.”

She didn’t allow the fear of change, the discomfort of new surroundings or the lack of old friends deter her from agreeing to try something new. And, I’m proud to say, it’s a pretty solid 8-year-old who can look at those realities and say “yes” anyway.

Two takeaways: First, there is “yes” happening all around us. Take a look around and get yourself inspired. Second, as all three of my examples demonstrate, “yes” is disproportionately more likely to come from the mouths of children than of adults. Sure, it’s easier for them. They’re not up against mortgages and medical bills and the emotional and financial challenges of caring for kids and parents, alike. In short, they haven’t been around long enough to understand, as George Lucas once said, “We’re all living in cages with the door wide open.” For them, there is no cage. So, we have a lot to learn from their “yes,” maybe most importantly to stop making excuses and get on with our learning.

Oh, and one more thing: my daughter asked if she could also write a blog. A blog about princesses.

I said, “Yes. Yes you can.”

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