It’s true. You can look it up.

When “there’s enough for everyone” that means there’s just the right amount. It means that everyone will get what they need. That’s a good thing. Just don’t expect any leftovers.

When “there’s plenty to go around” that means there’s more than we need. It means that everyone will be taken care of and we will still have more to share. For the unexpected guest. For tomorrow’s lunch. For someone in greater need.

It means, in the end, that we have options. Possibilities. And, the power to do more.

Enough is an ending. Plenty is a beginning.

My friend Jeff Shuck, driven by his idealism, passion and expertise, recently transitioned from “enough” to “plenty.” With a vision to “create more from many by helping non-profits harness the potential of peer-to-peer fundraising” he started a new company, Plenty Consulting. The next time you decide to act in support of something you believe in, leading your friends to donate to an important cause, it’s quite likely that Jeff’s company has influenced the process.

Jeff and his team operate from a mindset of “plenty.” There is more than enough. And, the job of leadership is to creatively explore all of the ways to bring it to fruition, to share it around and to amaze ourselves with the bounty we have created.

In that spirit I am inspired to ask you, looking toward the possibility of a New Year, in what ways will you be “enough” and it what ways will you be “plenty”? As family member, volunteer, colleague, team leader, parent, friend?

So much awaits. So much abounds. So much pulses inside of us. Let’s use each other in the best possible way to set it free.

“Remember, I was here, and you were here, and together we made a world.”

from “The Poet as Husband” by David Whyte

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