Everyone is in the process of becoming.

The deeply personal reality of that truth is that each of us has the agency to influence the course of that becoming. We operate along a spectrum, always deciding in small ways and large whether and how to embrace the discomfort of change at one end or the comforting discomfort of the status quo at the other.

Stasis shadows our becoming through the consolation of a sense of permanence. The familiarity of our patterns, the seduction of having arrived, the temptation to believe we are done; these serve to bind our anxiety about the unknown but must, finally succumb to the truth that nothing stays as it is.

Between the boundaries of stasis and mutability is the space in which we are free to decide not if but how and what we will become. Like moving water, it as a conversation that is always flowing, one that does not demand but always welcomes our participation.

water of life

Photo by Samad Deldar on Pexels.com




Published On: November 30th, 2019 / Categories: change, leadership / Tags: , , , , /

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