Right and Left

We need them both. And we need the courage to say so.

Let the right represent the preservation of the system. Let the left represent the idealism necessary to pursue possibility in the face of the unknown.

We need leaders who will dispel the temptation to remain committed to the singular, limiting notions of control and rationality.

We need leaders who are willing to tap into the resources of the heart. The rough around the edges, uncertain and vulnerable qualities of the heart. This requires the deep courage to say “I don’t know” followed by an unequivocal, “And I’m willing to learn whatever it takes to help us figure it out.”

I can’t imagine anything more inspirational, more connective and more human.

When we are finally able, first in ourselves, to forge a faithful marriage of right and left we will have done something extraordinary: we will have become fully human for the first time.

I am inspired today, as on many days, by the writings of Seth Godin and Richard Rohr

Who inspires you?

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