Conditions for Creativity

DSC_0717I’ve been doing a lot of writing recently which is to say that I’ve been consistently inviting my creative self to come out and play. I have noticed that my creativity is a willing companion as long as a few key conditions are met.

First, consistency matters. Every day, even for a short time, I invite her to spend some time with me. It’s usually at about the same time of day, in the same quiet room. There’s usually coffee and a comfortable chair. She likes that very much.

Second, he is more playful, I’ve noticed, when I’m less judgmental, more loving. In fact, he has a particular affinity for resting on my chest so he can find the rhythm of my heartbeat rather than on my head where he can only hear the clanging calculations of doubt.

She is shy, my creative self, especially in the presence of negativity. Comparison sends her running. She doesn’t “do” Facebook.

I’ve noticed that he keeps his head in the clouds, searching for meaning and marvel, and her feet in the dirt, softly vigilant in the name of doing the work.

And with deep empathy she forgives, again and again, my flight into dish-doing, tax-organizing, invoice-sending, laundry-folding and the myriad ways I find to satisfy my outcome oriented, completion focused, messiness averting self.

He is a faithful friend, my creativity. I strive to be her worthy companion.

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