My Personal Favorite

If you’re a regular subscriber to blogs and other online publications you’ve probably been receiving a lot of “Best of 2013” emails in the last few weeks. These announcements typically recount the postings that were most commented on, discussed and shared, a convenient way to catch-up on what you might have missed and what the author’s audience has found most useful.

This is not one of those posts, though it started out as one, I freely admit. As I was reviewing my writing from this year in preparation for creating a similar offering I instead found myself consistently attracted to those posts about which I was most proud, those I most enjoyed writing and those from which I drew the greatest personal motivation. The experience of keeping this online record of my evolving point of view and personal learning experiences is one of the single most effective ways to stay “tuned in” to myself that I have ever employed. It keeps me on a very necessary edge of exploration and it challenges me to express my internal dialogue in a coherent, usable and hopefully valuable external way.

Thank you for learning along with me this year; for your comments, your affirmations and your encouragement. I look forward to continuing our conversation about personal and organizational change in 2014.

With that, I proudly share with you my favorite post of 2013. I hope it inspires you on your journey from the safety of the known to the possibility that awaits you on the open field of your higher aspirations.

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