It is said that meditation rewires the brain. I assume they mean for the better but one can never be sure about these things. What I do know is that Deepak Chopra has the greatest guided meditation voice ever. I am one-week into his 21-day “Meditation Challenge” called “Creating Abundance” and his voice alone is worth the effort. This guy is one smooth talker.

The arrangement is quite appealing for the beginner; the meditator-in-training. Each day is a brief, 15-minute guided meditation which begins with at least 5 minutes of introduction by Deepak, maybe 8 minutes of ACTUAL meditation (I can’t be sure because I’m so entranced…well, sort of) and a couple of minutes of wrap-up which includes a centering thought for the day.

It should be noted that I have been a meditation skeptic for some time now. I’m also the leading candidate for a consistent meditative practice: high-strung, high blood pressure, intense, competitive, impatient and a very active “voice in the head.” Like I said: a LEADING candidate and thus completely resistant. And, it’s probably a huge statement about where I am in life right now (MAJOR transition combined with a rapid approach toward a slightly mid-40’s birthday) but the time finally seemed right to give it shot and I found a great resource with which to do it.

And lets not forget that Deepak calls it the 21-day Meditation “CHALLENGE.” That word has a magical, overwhelmingly powerful effect on me. Believe me when I tell you that I will complete the challenge. I’d finish first if that were possible…which is, of course, exactly why I need (at least) a little meditative experience in my day. The bigger question is, will I make it to day 22? Will I build a sustainable practice that goes beyond the “challenge” and becomes a central and centering part of my daily life?

Besides rewiring the brain (really, it’s for the better) there’s a whole bunch of research that suggests quite strongly that I’d be silly not to.  Meditation is really good for you. And, while I can’t report any obvious health impact after one week I can say that I absolutely relish the 15 minutes of sitting still, being quiet, breathing deeply and at least attempting to minimize the voice in my head.

Maybe, like with so many things, it’s the striving that yields the reward.


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