Fall comes late in Southern California. Though we’ve officially been in the season for over a month now, it doesn’t  feel like it until we set the clocks back an hour and reconcile ourselves to the lessening daylight that will consistently decrease through the end of the year. This year, my wife and I decided to have a more tangible experience of the season by camping in Oak Creek Canyon just outside Sedona, Arizona. We pitched a tent under an arching sycamore in full autumn color and enjoyed a few brief days of exploration and discovery in a truly magnificent place.

Our first morning broke with plentiful sunshine and a wonderful gusty wind that spoke so perfectly to the unsettled, in between feeling of this time of year. As you watch my brief video of this gorgeous October morning, I invite you to consider what it is you are being called to consider in your life right now. What transitional place do you find yourself in that requires more of your thoughtful attention? What questions are you working through, the answers to which can only be found in yourself? I invite you, just as the wind swirled through our campground that morning, to let those questions swirl in you a little longer, trusting that your attention to them over time may be more important to your learning than giving in to an urgent need to arrive at an answer.

Sometimes, it’s ok to let the wind take us where it wants to go.

[wpvideo uNj5eFz6]
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