It’s never “just business”

Business is about people, first and foremost.

Business is a deeply personal exercise in creativity, connection and collaboration in the name of something larger than ourselves.

Business provides a landscape on which the full human experience is exercised and elaborated.

And I think that’s why the default setting for so many business leaders remains transactional, rooted in the measurable and the manageable. Because all of that is much easier to do – much easier to understand – than to embrace, celebrate and live within the beautiful ambiguity that is the “full human experience.”

I’m done with concessions. I’m done with, “Well, he gets great results so we can’t afford to fire him.” Forget that. I want it all.

Give me the leader who knows how things work and who gets results, and in that same leader, show me a human being – a fully alive human being – who begins and ends with humility, compassion, love for others and a deep respect for the unknown.

We’re so far past the age of “management” it’s not even funny. Do you know how I know? Because of how aggressively so many corporate mouthpieces refuse to articulate anything other than the sad and tired refrains of a dying model.

The so-called “entitled” Millenials are no such thing. They are simply teaching us, by their refusal to put up with what no longer works, that there is a better way. You know who taught them to do that? It was their parents, of course, their parents who didn’t realize before it was too late that the system was broken and so made sure that their kids aspired to a better way.

Business can be for and about the very best of us, the highest calling of the human experience. This is our moment, right now, to midwife that new reality into a fully healthy, fully alive existence.

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