Molly Davis, Kristine Van Raden

“I could not, at any age, be content to take my place by the fireside and simply look on. Life was meant to be lived. Curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt –

Today, I am honored to dedicate this space to the work of a friend and her colleague. Molly Davis and Kristine Van Raden have been invited to lead the opening session of the upcoming conference, Women Living Fully. The goal of the conference is to “offer women the opportunity to reconnect with that which is most important to them and find new ways to live that are reflective of who they are and what they value.”
To kick off this 3-day conference, Molly and Kristine will be facilitating conversations on Courage, Contentment and Grace and it is my pure pleasure to bring this opportunity to as many people as I can.
The more I got to thinking about “Women Living Fully” I began to consider all of the women who have “lived fully” in contributing to my life; women who have sacrificed, labored, loved, expressed, engaged, befriended, listened, laughed and patiently tolerated so that I might be something more; someone better. In appreciation and gratitude, I honor some of them here. It is a privilege to say thank you and to assure them of my commitment to “living fully” for them, however they may need me.

Theresa, my wife – beautiful believer, quiet strength
Avery, my daughter – gorgeous, creative, powerful
Davis, my daughter – lovely, curious, wicked smart
Nancy, my mom – ageless, the spirit of youth
Marcia, my sister – energy, courage, laughter
Kristina, my sister – fiercely loyal friend and mother
Jennifer, my sister – magnetic, joyful
Sheila, my counselor – present, always
Lia, my friend – always faithful
Stephanie, my friend – supremely competent, super silly
Lisa, my friend and colleague – deeply caring listener
Laura, my friend and colleague – really funny, really smart
Marlene, my friend and colleague – wisdom, kindness, freely given
Marcie, my friend and colleague – passionate, soulful
Amber, my friend and colleague – courageous, all-in
Lisa, my friend – ambitious, generous
© 2010 David Berry
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