Sometimes you meet some nice people and they invite you to teach a class in their organization.

Sometimes they ask you to do that on the first Tuesday in December.

Sometimes you decide to make it an out-and-back trip because the United Airlines schedule makes that possible.

Sometimes your morning flight leaves at 6:45 so you set your alarm clock for 4:15.

Sometimes you mistakenly set your alarm clock for 4:15 on Thursday when your flight is on Tuesday.

Sometimes you get to sleep extra early to make sure you are in one piece after getting up at 4:15 on Tuesday.

Sometimes, by the sheer grace of God and all of the positive forces in the universe combined and concentrated in your favor, your body decides to wake up at 4:56 on Tuesday because it knows you have to be somewhere even though you’ve made a grievous error.

Sometimes, between 4:56 AM and 5:12 AM, on the first Tuesday in December, you shower, shave, dress and drive away from your home praying for (a) no traffic and (b) no rain.

Sometimes you are grateful that the traffic doesn’t start that early and the rain doesn’t either.

Sometimes you park your car at 5:52 for a flight that boards at 6:10 praying this time for a fast security line.

Sometimes, many times on this day, your prayers are answered and at 6:05 you are making small talk with the cashier at Peet’s because you are steps away from your gate and you are in boarding group 5.

Sometimes you nearly finish your coffee while waiting to board your flight because United Airlines is still trying to figure out how to expedite the boarding process.

Sometimes you sit down in your assigned seat and give thanks for how fortunate you are to be alive, to be present, and to be on your way to do the work you believe in.

Sometimes you celebrate with shrimp étouffée and a tall beer in the Houston Airport.

Sometimes you are headed home.

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