If you are a golfer AND a leader, this invitation is especially for you. If not, will you please read on anyway and pass it along to someone you know would be interested? Thank you!

I am writing a book about leadership through the lens of the game of golf and I need your help to make it work. Here’s why:

My belief is that achievement and enjoyment in both golf and leadership happens from the inside out. Both are deeply personally experiences that require self-knowledge, internal fortitude and a great sense of humor. Both teach us things about ourselves that we may not like to learn but that, ultimately, make the difference in how effective we can be. Both pursuits challenge us to take responsibility for our own actions, learning to accept the results of our efforts while we creatively adapt to the inevitable challenges that come our way.

I am confident that this effort will resonate widely if it faithfully depicts the stories of real people who have first-hand experience with the lessons and ideas I want to convey. I want to tell this story from the inside out, more personally and more humanly, and I can only do that with your help.

If you would like to contribute a story, I would simply ask you to consider these questions:

What specific experience (details, please!) on the golf course has taught you the most about yourself?

What specific experience (again, details…) leading or influencing others has taught you the most about yourself?

The subject of leadership deserves to have the input of fresh voices and perspectives, not just the rehashing of the old stories placed in a modern context. I am compelled to use our stories, those of “regular” folks – some great golfers, some not – some more experienced leaders, some not – who love the game, who aspire to the challenge of leadership and who have experiences on the course that they would love to pass along in the spirit of illuminating the lessons of leadership in a new way.

If the relationship between golf and leadership intrigues you but you aren’t sure how to contribute or a “good” story doesn’t immediately come to mind, maybe the following statements will help you along:

  • Both golf and leadership require the ability to stand alone and the desire to enjoy a challenging experience with others.
  • Both golf and leadership require ambition for both personal and team success.
  • Both golf and leadership require an awareness of our strengths and our limitations if we are to maximize our experience.
  • In both golf and leadership, simplicity is better and repeatability is key.
  • Both golf and leadership require clear goals and a strong sense of direction in order to achieve success.
  • Both golf and leadership require adaptability and creativity when conditions inevitably change or new opportunities arise.
  • Both golf and leadership require stability, consistency and the appropriate use of power.
  • Both golf and leadership require thoughtfulness and intention.
  • Both golf and leadership suffer from indecisiveness and lack of commitment.
  • Both golf and leadership expose us for who we really are, every time.
  • Both golf and leadership require us to accept reality and deal with it with maturity and creativity.
  • Both golf and leadership are more fun when we know, trust and enjoy our companions.
  • Both golf and leadership test our resolve, providing ample opportunity to become better than what we are.
  • Both golf and leadership require persistence and perseverance. You must keep moving forward.
  • Both golf and leadership require humility, poise and grace.
  • Both golf and leadership are adventures we choose again and again because of the promise of fulfillment and achievement.
  • You would never trade your worst day on the course or your toughest day as a leader, because you absolutely relish both the opportunity and the learning.
  • Both golf and leadership require perspective and context. No matter how bad it is, someone’s having a tougher day than you are.
  • Both golf and leadership demand our full attention. A half-hearted effort never gets the job done.
  • Both golf and leadership require skill and luck. No one ever accomplished anything in either venue without a healthy dose of both.
  • Both golf and leadership require integrity and a sense of fair play.
  • Both golf and leadership require equal concern for both big moments and small.

No story is too long or too short, too silly or too serious. The only expectation is that it is authentic to your experience and you are energized to share it! Please send your stories to david@david-berry.com or by commenting below.

Thank you!

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