Christina Green, by all accounts a precocious and lovely 9-year-old girl in Tucson, Arizona, was gunned down yesterday in the attack on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Little girls should not be killed.

Little girls who have the courage to be the only girl on the Little League baseball team should not be killed.

Little girls who join student government should not be killed.

Little girls who are trying to learn, trying to satisfy their curiosity about a new interest, should not be killed.

Little girls who are born on 9/11, who are a ray of hope on a horrific day, should not be killed.

Little girls who are “A” students, who sing in the church choir, and who dream of being a veterinarian, should not be killed.

And yet, inexplicably, they are. She was.

From what I can tell, Christina Green lived “a more daring life.” The question is, was she “safer” for doing so?
Would she be “safer” not playing a game she loved just because she had to put up with a bunch of boys? Would she be “safer” not getting involved in student council? Would she be “safer” not going to hear her Congresswoman; not pursuing her curiosity of public service?

No, of course not. Life is to be lived; fully, confidently, creatively and daringly. And I am confident, with the very little I know of Christina Green, that she would agree with me 100%.

The tragedy is that we will never know.

© 2010 David Berry

Published On: January 10th, 2011 / Categories: Uncategorized /

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