Stone Circle

At the Earth Sanctuary on Whidbey Island there is a stone circle. It is a modern interpretation of the ancient structures that dot the northern European landscape, about which little of certainty is known. It’s safe to say they were communal structures that served to bind groups together as central gathering places for social rituals,Continue reading “Stone Circle”

Keep Going

There is no secret. Keep going. {@Oiselle} It’s easy to chase the silver bullet, the guru, the program, the process, the event, the equation, the one missing piece that will bring everything together and lay before you the clear path on which you will glide through your life. A couple of times each semester IContinue reading “Keep Going”

People Hugger

My dad was a tree hugger. Not an environmentalist and not a demonstrator, but someone who so loved trees that he would occasionally depart the trail and hug one. I find myself following in his footsteps. And while I may not be quite as demonstrative about it as he was, when I see one thatContinue reading “People Hugger”

Shaped, and Shaped Again

“We shape our self to fit this world and by the world are shaped again.” {David Whyte} There is a dance we all must do. It is the dance of forming ourselves well enough to meet the requirements of our lives while also allowing ourselves to be formed by those same forces. Those requirements, thoseContinue reading “Shaped, and Shaped Again”

Brokenness Aside

Please look at the upper left section of this photograph. Please notice that the branch you see in the foreground is the same branch that has not quite snapped off of the tree. Please also notice that this broken limb is sprouting many healthy shoots, new branches well on their way. This branch is notContinue reading “Brokenness Aside”

The Cedar Tree

Walking in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, among ancient cedar trees, puts a few things into perspective. Please click below to join me for a brief reflection on the creativity necessity of engaging with the timeless. Here’s the link I mentioned for Jumpstarting Creativity on the Ted Radio Hour.  

Lost With a Map

Seth Godin published a brief, excellent piece this morning called The Thing About Maps: “Sometimes, when we’re lost, we refuse a map, even when offered.  Because the map reminds us that we made a mistake. That we were wrong. But without a map, we’re not just wrong, but we’re also still lost. A map doesn’t automaticallyContinue reading “Lost With a Map”