download-1July 5, 1776 must have been an interesting day for the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Righteous cause or not, there had to be some intense ambivalence among that group about the repercussions of their act. To many, the justification of the airing of grievances and the proposal for independence that came with it must have been shadowed by the real possibility of imprisonment and death at the hands of the British.

That said, the domino was sent tumbling forward and all who pushed it had to wake the next day to face the consequences of what they had set in motion.

What makes the founders so admirable is that they acted on their convictions in the face of overwhelming odds. Would that you and I might act so boldly when filled with our own convictions, and in the face of consequences which seem revolutionary but are, in the clear light of day, more the artful imaginings of our fertile minds.

What is your first domino? Is it an idea for a process change that you fear might be rejected, leaving you embarrassed and on the outside of things? Is it an invitation for a first date that you fear might be rejected? Is it your intent to start a blog, the purpose of which you fear will be misunderstood if even read? Is it simply a necessary conversation, the repercussions of which will be profound and likely beyond your ability to control?

You have a basketful of “first dominoes” to set up and push forward should you choose to do so. Are you so certain that you cannot live with the consequences of those acts? Are you prepared to wake on July 6 wondering what might have been? Or would you rather rest tonight with the satisfaction of making a start while summoning the resolve to follow where it leads?


Published On: July 5th, 2019 / Categories: change, leadership /

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