Summer 2017

My niece is amazing on many levels…here’s a sampling:

Katie Lynn

What’s new with Katie Gaven Art? Well, many dandy things! New art collections, new murals, and new events! The summer kicked off with a mural camp at Live Oak Waldorf School in Meadow Vista, Ca. The camp was a week long project executed by three awesome budding artists in sweltering 100 degree weather!


Mural prep!IMG_9957.jpgIMG_9952.jpgIMG_0035.jpg

Mural Completion! June 2017

On another note, I want to share my latest creative concept derived from two of my favorite places: oceans and rivers. My new favorite past time is painting beach wood. It’s a sassy addition to any household or garden. And frankly, I’m having a hard time parting with many of them!


Where can you find these trinkets? Auburn Coffee Company for starters! Another place you can find them is an exciting new event called the Downtown Co-op! On the third Thursday of each month, you’ll find an array of local vendors…

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