David Berry’s Daily Questions

I have decided to conduct an experiment in personal accountability. In his book Mojo, Marshall Goldsmith outlines an incredibly simple exercise in which he creates a list of questions representative of the things he wants to be accountable for and then he enlisted a friend to ask him those questions every single day. It both sounds and feels draconian to me which is why it must be effective! I have created the following list and I have invited a friend to be my “questioner.” (Here’s hoping she says “yes”!)

1. How meaningful was your day? (1-10)

2. How well did you plan and execute your day? (1-10)

3. How much did you impact others by walking around today? (1-10)

4. Did you exercise?

5. Did you check your blood pressure?

6. How many drinks did you have?

7. How many minutes did you spend reading?

8. How many minutes did you spend writing?

9. Did you write and send a card to someone?

10. How many times did you feel or act angry/destructive/defensive?

11. Did you sit quietly to pray, meditate or breathe?

12. Did you say or do something nice for Theresa?

13. For Duncan, Avery and Davis?

I’m going to track my daily responses and find out how much these things really matter to me and how willing I am to actually do (or not do) them. I’ll let you know how it goes…

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