Vacation: Finally, Time To Get Some Work Done

I’m officially on vacation and I find it very hard to slow down. Now, it’s not like I’m on a “lay-on-the-beach-all-day-whilst-sipping-MaiTai’s-under-majestic-palm-trees” kind of vacation but, nevertheless, vacation is a time to check-out, relax, break the routine and try new stuff. Or at least I think it is…and I find it very difficult to get into that mode.

Sadly, I see my vacation as a time to do some real thinking about/planning and organizing of all of the things (mostly work related) that I don’t have time to think about while I’m at work. I actually spent the last two weeks saying to people that “I am looking forward to my vacation because it’s going to give me a chance to work on some stuff I really need to work on.” (It’s painful to read that sentence…please, PLEASE tell me you can’t relate to it!)
People, this is a problem. It’s a problem, first and foremost with me. I am clearly not aligning my time to my priorities if the stuff I really want and need to work on has to wait for an eight hour car ride and nearly two weeks of family visits and rounds of golf.
How did I get here? Well, fundamentally, I think it’s about staying busy as a way to validate my importance. But that’s the subject of another post. For now, I must vacate this chair and go get some work done.
© 2010 David Berry

One thought on “Vacation: Finally, Time To Get Some Work Done

  1. Love the sincerity David. I've found meditation to be useful in releasing certain patterns of thought/behavior…all about that infinite space.I'd love to chat more about creativity sometime!! ..we spoke a bit during the Coaches Alliance event. Enjoy your vacation.Arya

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