I Play Guitar

Yes. I play guitar. I am 39 years old and for the first time in my life, except for a brief and painful period during elementary school when I was a less than budding clarinetist, I can answer affirmatively the question “Do you play a musical instrument?”

I have been a vocalist since the age of 14 when my big sister dragged me into the high school choir room and presented me to the director. I am so glad she did that because it allowed me to discover my musical ability in the form of singing. And, my life has been richly blessed because of music and my involvement in many different choral groups. What has always been missing, what I have always wanted and never had the motivation, discipline or commitment to tackle, is learning an instrument. I always thought it would be piano but here I am, a guitarist.

Now, let me be clear. I didn’t say anything about my ability, just that I now “play.” You see, I am a beginner. Big time. I know a few chords (the hand positions, not the names, from when a friend tried to teach me “What I Like About You”) and my musically prodigious son has even got me playing a little bit of “Smoke On the Water.” Of course, that’s not what I’m after. I really want to play this thing and it’s all because of this video I stumbled across on YouTube. Check it out:

When I first saw and heard this, I knew I had to learn it. Sure, I can sing it but I want to play it! And so I decided that by my 40th birthday (April 6, 2010) I will play and sing “You Can Close Your Eyes.” I love this goal, it scares the hell out of me and I know I can do it.

I bought a used guitar from a friend. I have a capo, a strap and a pick. My first lesson is tonight. And I am a beginner.

You are invited to take this journey with me…please stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “I Play Guitar

  1. I always knew the day would come when someone would ask if I did it!Sadly, no. I started strong but life intervened. A good example of aligning my time with my priorities – learning that song on guitar, while I something I really wanted to do, wasn't enough of a priority in my life to actually get it done. Thanks for the feedback…I really appreciate it.

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