A tug at the sleeve

It’s an idea, maybe just an impulse.

It’s many strands or pieces, disparate at first, less so as they converge.

It’s the maturation of a point of view, the solidification of a belief system, the coming into one’s own perspective.

It’s a persistent knocking, invitational in tone. It’s the other side of the door, the side you don’t yet see but are closer to discovering than ever before.

It’s the tug at the sleeve, the nudge, the shift, the lean forward, towards what has been taking shape behind the veil of a daily life.

It’s coming into focus. Not quite yet, but soon. And that’s ok because you’re not ready. Not quite.

But the tug is there, and you notice it. And noticing, for now, is enough.

landscape mountains sunset person

Photo by Josh Willink on Pexels.com