IMG_2227In a small clearing in the woods I discover a pile of rocks and I imagine that each is named for an old story I no longer need to know.

I picture myself tossing them into place, a mound slowly forming as gray stone thuds down upon gray stone, dusty paperbacks tumbling from a cardboard box.

I have lugged them around long enough. They have been read and read again, each turn of the page revealing familiar words and predictable plots, faint notations marking futile efforts to mine new learning.

With a hint of loss I send them to the pile, recalling their past if limited usefulness, and noting with both empathy and surprise just how small they now seem. Immovable boulders reduced to toss-able rocks. Fragments of former truth.

I carry a stone in my pocket. I selected it from a basket of gratitude and blessing. Smooth and black, its rounded edges tell the story of elemental shaping. There is a ridge running along half of one side, an invitational crease, the line of disruption a reminder of possibility. It is my touchstone, the shape of a new story. It comes with me now.

The others I have left behind.


2 thoughts on “Storyteller

  1. Thank you David!
    Another beautiful reminder of leaving what no longer serves us behind as small pebbles acknowledging their presence and space for a time, then released with love and gratitude. It reminds me of a poem I once read in the 1926 version of Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes:


    Perfection is already accomplished.
    I do not have to wait for the Perfect Life.
    I am that Perfect Life here and now.
    To-day I express the Limitless Life of the All Good.
    To-day I manifest my Completion in
    every part of me.
    To-day I am saved.
    Here and now I am healed.

    PS: What is Oso Buco?

  2. Beautiful picture and story, when one begins to see with an artists eye, all becomes art. Did it occur to you something might be buried there? Saw Fr Mike yesterday and he was heading home to start preparing dinner for you tonight. I am so jealous as he is making Oso Buco, enjoy all of you. Love Mom

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