Stretched by the Web

Last week I led a webinar, a live online learning event for leaders and those who help them lead. I spent one hour seated at my desk, staring into a tiny camera (one little green light urging me on) and sharing a story I love to tell. I talked about how we’ve attempted to build a culture of leadership and learning in my organization through the practice of coaching. How we aspire to inspire every employee to be fully engaged in their work. That the workplace can be a place where we realize our best selves – a place that stretches us to exceed our expectations and move closer to our dreams. If only leaders will lead.

As an exercise in communication, storytelling and presentation this was among the most challenging experiences of my career. I’m better for the stretch, and really gratified for the experience of it, but this was a damn hard thing to do. I expected it to be awkward to talk to “nobody,” to have no physical audience, no people with whom to interact, banter, laugh and explore ideas. And it was. But the toughest part was sustaining energy for that much time with no feedback, only a few questions received through online chat to let me know I wasn’t alone. But I did sustain it and I’m proud to say so.

Sitting here on the other side of it, I am thrilled to have shared the story and eager for the next opportunity to do so. I hope you’ll check it out and pass it along.

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